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21 novembre 2008 5 21 /11 /novembre /2008 03:43
Le crash ovni de la région de Tiquaruçu, au Brésil... :
Je viens de recevoir cet email de Emanuel Paranhos, qui nous fait état de ces informations suivantes. Un Grand Merci à Emanuel ! :
Le texte de Emanuel Paranhos, en version originale, en Anglais :
"Today surfing the net, came in at a site where a Brazilian Ufology luzitano was interviewed on a homepage, and when asked about the news in the fall of ufo Fair in January 95, said he did not know of any ... but seems that only the case of Vadodara deserved full credit; We know the case of Fair unfortunately is little known and publicized in the media Ufology, for reasons that I will not discuss now, as some would add .... Vadodara is actually the third event of falling ufo and rescue ets in Brazil, where staff do not want to consider Poughkeepsie as such, it was SC Navigators in the first case. In a dawn of January 1995, a small ufo accident and whether or been culled in the vicinity of Fair-de Santana having fallen into a pond in a farm in the district of Tiquaruçu border with the City of Santanopolis and Irará. It was followed by a complicated rescue operation with the participation of the three arms controlled by the army by platoons of special and ordinary BI 35, assisted by officers from the second session (Cenimar) who took the reins of the operation of the means to the end. Every case can be read in several sources on the net, query Google. After seven years of the event when nothing else seemed to bring new news, we were called to urge the Fair by Ufology Osvaldo Castro, because through another ex-military who learned of the case by former newspaper Seulf of Ufology NAVE, and that led her we will be an ex-soldier of 35 BI, in a rookie season in the newly incorporated joint army, which then fall to the military life, he became safety of C & A stores in the shoping Iguatemi newly inaugurated in the city, having already selected for military training and to know the subjects of safety and handling of weapons. After the mistrust side by side in an hour off of his work, I try to own as the witnesses and Osvaldo Geismar he told his experience on that unforgettable night. ''Service that night was already dawn in a mobile mounting Guard of guaritas armed with a FAL and towers of the barracks when he soon after zero-hour, began an unusual move and unrest within the barracks, outside the routines; lights lighting in dark rooms, officers arriving, phones ringing, cars being prepared, others being supplied, and the soldiers who were sleeping accommodation is preparing to leave on a mission not so far and said emergency. I was to be replaced in the wake of my post, when he learned that all vacations were canceled, the quarter came in and readiness for that mission would also unknown. There was a black-out in the city, and Only two truckloads of troops toward the left ring road that surrounds Fair-de Santana, was part of the infantry battalion (pelopes) Right of Special Operations, preceded by a jeep and an ambulance. The only thing I said or heard from colleagues that it was something that had invaded our airspace ... information coming from a superior officer in command of the operation. After thirty or forty minutes to go, just remember to have entered a rural road after the clover by road Santanoplolis and Irará (birthplace of the city's selection Brazilian goalkeeper Dida), then try to pass through roads to farms ruarais very tight arrived the place where something had fallen ... At first it seemed to me that a plane was damaged by smoke because it is in place and great unrest in the army that had overthrown a whole about the pastures and to cancel Trucks and heavy vehicles maneuver. The atmosphere was tense and officers were quite nervous nearly hysterical, because berrada orders of commands in all directions, especially to be quick, do not ask nothing and remain so disciplined and such. I was seconded Along with other younger colleagues to make a human cordon of isolation back into the pond, where a half submerged object no larger than a small car had been ... I have the greatest esporro when I tried to look behind the scene to see better the official word released the largest, most whispering along with other colleagues, they told me that the smoke was colorful and not from the fire which had fallen ... Flags were to camouflage to hide or to serve as a reference for the helicopters to land that once came in number two, turning to the place determined by the smoke, and heard that the black bags such visas to revive and that the first battalion had was collected near or on a terrace of houses on the farm were quickly brought up to two helicopters that take off immediately Dalí that dawn of the farm pasture in question. Once we get the official more than all the other gave an explicit order to shoot to kill all of us at any person who comes close or want to break through the barriers without our order whoever until the owner of the ranch, then I saw that there were what was what was secret military or national security, the intensity of a dramatic tone official who gave the order. my cord of isolation was the fifth from the center to the periphery. Other recruits commented that something was led by a covered truck chest that you do not know if it was in the army or navy received the cargo, left the site escorted by troops from other truck before we get out of the place already by 5 in the morning. I think a dozen or fifteen of pelopes soldiers were deployed to escort the truck chest for this destination ignored by us ... Ship back to the barracks, and the way they viewed population ruaral exit doors and windows of their humble homes, and look surprised that train military shaking those quiet places ... the sergeant Genivaldo poustou is facing us right at the exit of return and gave the message:''You did not see anything all that never happened ... the FDP to talk! ... We could not exchange a word or even with the fellow next to the vineyards because esporro hysterical calarmos to the mouth and not comment on anything with anyone in barracks or in the family environment, reaching the quarter, we are more confined twenty-four hours and do not know the most that happened to other soldiers older, we learned that some were transferred to the unit and everything to be forgotten.''On February 15 the same year the General Joel Buckingham was replaced as commander of the unit, and denies the curse and Ufology until today. This is the testimony of the soldier X, made directly to me, because during the searches received anonymous letters from two soldiers who sign Brazilian soldier and soldier friend.
Emanuel Paranhos".
En Français :

Localisation de Tiquaruçu, au Brésil :

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